FAQS 'n cracks


Nail Lacquer Shipping and Handling

$1 per unit. 

Carrier Used

USPS 1st Class and Priority Mail (US ONLY). For overseas orders, email us.

Time to Process

Typically between one and two days.

Time to Arrive

One to three days.

Polish Quality

Bootie Babe Nail Lacquers are Cruelty and Big-5 Free 

and are considered to be "salon quality".

Company Info

Bootie Empire LLC is the firm behind the Bootie Babe brand.

Concept and products developed by owner and designer Mark O'Hara.

Brand inspired by SuperBooty, a 15-piece funk band O'Hara produced in SF.

We are seeking business partners to help manufacture and distribute Bootie Babe branded products.  Our pitch deck is here.

For more info or wholesale orders please email us:

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